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“I really liked the tai chi classes. My 87 year old mother benefited from the classes. Her flexibility increased, and her balance was so much better. For myself increased energy  and flexibility!  Melody's teaching of the classes was just THE BEST!"

Barbara Age 68

"While taking the Tai Chi class I improved my balance.  I am now taking normal strides, am more comfortable walking and getting up and down from a chair. I am more confident with all movement. The time commitment was a challenge to fulfill but the mental and physical improvement was well worth while."

Norma C. Age 87

"The [Tai Chi] class was a physical and mental challenge.  From week to week as we learned new forms, new exercises, new safety tips, we also had a good time meeting and getting to know new people.  We enjoyed more than one good laugh. The benefits of taking the class are many if one works at it."

Mary B. Age 93

Melody Madrid is a wonderful teacher and trainer of strength and balance abilities for seniors.  She is extremely knowledgeable about physical problems in general, and quite gifted at providing focused attention on each individual's specific concerns.  I've been working with her for 3 months (on the monthly payment plan, which I recommend as a good deal) and have seen significant improvements on key exercises that improve the quality of my daily life.  She is also a warm and caring person who bonds with her students.  I really enjoy going to class and try to make it 3 times a week, if my schedule allows.

Steve P. Age 71

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